‘Internal conflict to blame for NC’s poor show’

Nawalparasi, December 11

Nepali Congress General Secretary and East Nawalparasi constituency No 1 parliamentary member Shashank Koirala today said that his party incurred huge loss in provincial and parliamentary elections across the country due to the party’s internal conflict.

Speaking to journalist after he was elected at Kawasoti of Nawalparasi today, he underscored the need to discuss the causes of unprecedented loss in elections by the party leadership. “It is not only the party president who is responsible for the irreparable loss. Other leaders are also  equally responsible. Hence, the party had to incur huge loss due to lack of internal management,” clarified Koirala. He said the party lagged behind because of the left alliance as well. “All the democratic forces could not stand together at a time when communist forces had formed alliance. This is also another cause for the loss,” he said.

Koirala underscored the need to consolidate the party by drafting a substantial strategy. “My first priority will be to strengthen the party and fulfill the promises made to the people before the elections,” said Koirala.

Koirala said that the Nepali Congress would act as an effective opposition and institutionalise democracy. Koirala has been elected in all three polls including the first CA polls from Nawalpur.