DAMAK: Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has admitted that the internal democracy within Nepali Congress was enfeebling.

During a cadres meet organised by NC Damak municipal committee here Wednesday, leader Singh said the party became weaker as it failed to run in an institutional manner. "Individualistic attitude is dominating the party. It is essential to run the party in an institutional manner rather than adopting panegyric attitude," he argued.

He further noted that it is getting difficult to be honest about right and wrong within the party.

"The subcommittees to be formed within two months of the General Convention have not been formed yet, even after two years have passed since the convention. The central committee also does not have a full shape," he vented his ire against the party leadership. "A new way to run the party is imperative."

Leader Dhundiraj Bhandari also pointed out the need of bringing new programmes to energise the cadres.