Irate locals refuse to give land for greater Lumbini masterplan

Bhairahawa, February 4

Locals vented ire against the government and warned they would not give their land for the greater Lumbini masterplan today.

Locals vented ire at the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai and Province 5 Chief Minister Shankar Pokhrel in Lumbini today. A meeting was organised to start the implementation of greater Lumbini masterplan with locals in Lumbini today.

Locals had donated 1,100 bigha land for the development of Lumbini. “We donated the land thinking that development would happen sooner or later,” local and former minister Wakil Ahamamd Khan said, adding, “Forty years have passed, but nothing has happened. I/NGOs have made a lot of money and corruption has gone up at the Lumbini Development Fund.

But, locals have got nothing,” Wakil said.

Locals pledged not to provide land for the project launched by foreigners at any cost in Lumbini. They complained that many had yet to receive compensation for the land they provided. They refuted the idea of providing additional land for the greater Lumbini masterplan.

After locals refused to give extra land for the project, Minister Bhattari has proposed to go for land pulling system. Bhattarai said that the government had been preparing the project worth Rs 200 billion and it was committed and prepared to develop the Lumbini area.

Province 5 Chief Minister Shankar Pokhrel said Lumbini would be developed as a world religious site. “We can develop Lumbini as the Mecca and Medina for Buddhists,” he said.