It takes days to reach rural municipality office in Kailali

Dhangadi, December 23

Residents of far-flung Chure Rural Municipality-4 have to walk for six days to reach the office of their rural municipality in Kailali.

Locals of Ward No 4 at Chure RM have to spend four nights on the way to reach the rural municipality office and get back home. If they catch a bus, it takes them two days to avail services of the rural municipality. “One has to catch a bus from Khairalama to get to Chaumala of Gauriganga Municipality. They have to board another bus to get to Attariya of Godawari Municipality and the bus ride takes one day. After that, they have to board another bus from Attariya to Sahajpur. Then, one has to walk five hours to get to the office of the rural municipality,” said Prem Gurung, a local.

Locals are having a hard time getting to the rural municipality office due to topographical difficulty.

Chure Rural Municipality Ward No 4 was formed by combining the then five wards of Khairala VDC. The ward has around 60 villages.

People from all these villages have to spend around a week to reach the office to avail service of the rural municipality.Local Saroj Budhamagar said, “It takes two days’ to get to the ward office at Khairala, let alone office of the rural municipality.”