Jail inmates happy as their products find market

Tanahun, October 18:

Inmates of the Damauli-based Tanahun district jail are a happy lot, for their bamboo chairs are selling like hot cakes, finally.

They made chairs last Dashain as well, but the products could not find market. As a result, they were dumped into the prison store.

Thanks to a burgeoning sale, the prisoners have been able to send money home. “This year, our labour did not go in vain,” said Dambar Lama, who hails from Gaganmauda in Lekhnath municipality. He said he made Rs 3,000 by selling 100 bamboo chairs. Another prisoner Govinda Pariyar said he sold 60 bamboo chairs and sent the money home.

Some prisoners have sent money home, while others will send money by Tika, said head of the prisoners, Kesh Bahadur Thapa. Thirty prisoners are into this profession, he said. Last year, the prisoners had sent Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 home, he said, adding that the prisoners have sent Rs 12,000 to Rs 13,000 this year.

The prisoners also make bamboo dining tables. “Spins, ropes and bamboos are needed to make bamboo chairs and dining tables,” Tilak BK, a prisoner, said. The bamboo products

made here are in demand in Tanahun, Lumjung, Gorkha, Chitwan, Kaski, said head of the prison, Damodar Sharma.

However, the prisoners said they were disappointed as NGOs did not “assist them this Dashain”. A castrated goat was brought for the prisoners at a cost of Rs 11,000 this Dashain, said head of the prisoners Kesh Bahadur Thapa. “While the NGOs provided Rs 4,000, the prisoners provided Rs 7,000,” he said.