Janakpur-Jayanagar railway test operation successful

MAHENDRANAGAR, DHANUSHA: The test operation of Janakpur-Jayanagar railway underwent successfully on Wednesday.

India performed the test operation to bring Nepal's only railway back to activity. The railway operation had been discontinued for the past four years.

The test operation was conducted by the Indian side in a bid to resume the operation of the train service which has remained completely standstill for the last four years.

During the test operation, a railway engine with 53 bogies made the 8.5 kilometres long journey from Jayanagar of Nepal to Khajuri Railway Station in India, according to the Nepal Railway Campaigner Binod Ojha. The train moved with ease during the test operation.

Ojha further informed that there would be no trouble in resuming railway service with the completion of the test operation.

There was a huge queue of spectators to observe the test operation of South Asia's first railway service that connects two countries.

The Janakpur-Jayanagar-Kurtha rail service, being constructed at the Indian assistance of Rs 7 billion, is in its final phase.