Janakpur shutdown continues

JANAKPURDHAM: The central Tarai town, Janakpurdham, remained closed for the second consecutive day on Tuesday due to the bandh (shutdown) called by the Madhes Rights Struggle Committee.

The Committee has called two-day Janakpur shutdown, citing preliminary draft of the new constitution was anti-Madhesi and has discriminated rights of Madhesis.

The Committee has also urged the parties to promulgate the constitution only after finalising the demarcation of Pradeshes.

Committee Coordinator Saroj Mishra said that they called the Janakpur bazaar shutdown with an objective of disrupting people's feedback collection task.

People associated to the Committee have been demonstrating at different thoroughfares in Janakpur by burning tires, protesting what they called the suppression by the Nepal Police during the feedback collection, added Mishra.

Similarly, Madhes-based political parties disrupted the feedback collection task at Dhanusha Constituency 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on Monday and some 50 people were injured in the clash between the agitators and the police.