Janamat Party held a massive protest rally in Rautahat's district headquarters Gaur today to raise concerns of poor farmers.

Responding to the party's call, hundreds of farmers from inner villages carrying their agricultural tools, along with the party cadres, held the protest rally in Gaur chanting slogans against the federal, provincial and local governments.

The rally led by Janamat Party central member Lalit Mallik Sanu had started from BP Chowk and traversed through places like Dharkhan Chowk, Nepal Lodge, Transmetre Chowk and Customs Office and past Gaur Municipality before returning to BP Chowk again and concluding into a corner meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Janamat Party's Publication Department chief and central member Sanu accused the government of leaving farmers in the lurch.

"We have three levels of governments to speak of but see the plight of farmers; sadly they can't get seeds and fertiliser in time. Actually, there is a shortage of both seeds and fertilisers almost always,"

Sanu said, reminding the government of its duty to make available required amount of seeds and fertilisers on time and warning that the party's struggle on behalf of farmers would continue until their demands were met.

A version of this article appears in the print on January 15, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.