Kathmandu, June 1:

The general secretary of the CPN (Unity-Centre), Mohan Bikram Singh, today welcomed the decision of a dissident faction of Janamorcha Nepal to sever ties with its leadership, which followed a pro-Maoist political line and joined the government.

Singh also welcomed the faction’s decision to oppose Clause 3 of the 12-point understanding with the Maoists, which aims to place the Maoist and the government armies under the supervision of the UN or any other dependable international agency.

A faction led by Janamorcha Nepal lawmaker Chitra Bahadur KC held a political meeting on May 26-27 in Butwal where a decision was taken to sever ties with the party led by Amik Sherchan.

In a press statement, Singh, however, welcomed the ceasefire code of conduct between the government and the Maoists. He also expressed reservations on some issues, including the right to expression. He expressed the hope that there would be no more mayhem, violence and terror in the country. Singh also stressed the need to manage arms before the nation goes for elections to a constituent assembly.

He opposed protests against the parliament decision to declare the country as a secular state.