Japan extends grant for empowerment of Udayapur women

KATHMANDU: The Japan government extended a financial assistance of USD 80,532, equivalent to approximately Rs 8.587 million, for the empowerment of women in Udayapur district.

The support under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) would be mobilised through the Nepal Social Development and People Empowerment Centre (NESPEC), a local NGO in Udayapur district, the Japanese Embassy in Kathmandu informed in a press statement today.

The NGO would work with the Small Farmer Women Agriculture Cooperative Society, Rampur Thoskila, to implement the Project for the Construction of Training Center for Women’s Cooperatives in Udayapur District, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, Japanese Ambassador to Nepal Masashi Ogawa and NESPEC President Ganga Rai signed the grant contract regarding the assistance today.

"In Nepal, about 60 percent of the total population is engaged in agriculture. Among that, more than 70 percent are women," the stated said, "However, very few, about one tenth, of these females own a house or land. Therefore, females lack cash income and are dependent on their family and income earners."

The Small Farmer Women Agriculture Cooperative Society, established in 2012 in Udayapur, has 600 registered members.