Japan flexible on UN veto rights

Special Correspondent

Kathmandu, June 12:

Japan believes the effectiveness and range of the UN would be substantially bolstered by

“balanced representation in the UN Security Council (UNSC)” that it is seeking in terms of the proposed reforms in the world body. Parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs of Japan, Katsuyuki Kawai,told a group of journalists that inclusion of Japan and India from the Asian

continent would strengthen the UNSC. Asked to weigh the chances of Japan being accepted as a permanent, if not veto-armed member of the UNSC, Kawai said: “An overwhelming number of Afro-Asian nations are supporting our claim.” Sixty years of Japan’s contribution to peace-building through official development assistance (ODA) and involvement in affairs concerning international security should not go unrecognised, he said, hoping that Nepal, as already indicated, would vote in favour of Japan when the issue of UNSC expansion and nomination of new permanent members comes up in the UN General Assembly this autumn.

He said although his country would not be opposed to the ‘revised resolution’, it would prefer the concept of ‘same responsibility’. But he hastened to clarify: “We are flexible. The issue of veto or no-veto should not be a hindrance.” On his mission to Bhutan, he said he met the Bhutanese leaders, and all of them “clearly supported” G-4 countries for permanent berths in the UNSC.

Detainees freed

MAHENDRANAGAR: At least 20 political detainees of Kanchanpur and Kailali were freed on Sunday following an order of the Kanchanpur district court. Those released include Taranidat Chataut, Gangadat Joshi and Govinda Bista. Meanwhile, a report from Dhangadhi said sixteen political detainees were freed on Sunday. — HNS