Jhapa village ignorant about June 28 polls

KAKADVITTA: As the June 28 election fever has gripped the nation, local people of ward 14 of  Mechinagar Municipality  in Jhapa are ignorant about the second round of the polls.

The remote Jyamiragadhi village housing three settlements — Jhadu, Gwalawa and Hopana— of around 50 families lacks basic infrastructure such as road connectivity, electricity and communications. The rural village is surrounded by Indian embankments to the east and Mechi River to the west.

As a result, no political party leaders have reached out to the locals electioneering for the second of polls, the locals complained.

However, the locals will unanimously raise a single question with the leaders- when a suspension bridge over the river will be built.

Political party leaders visit the village only for vote, but never return after holding power, the locals complained, referring to promises made by various political parties during previous elections, but without results.

Local resident Narendra Yadav has many conditions in exchange for vote in the elections. Construction of a bridge over the river, a road linking  three settlements and the management of irrigation facility are his conditions.

"We are cut off from nearby Nepali areas and the market for three months during the monsoon because of lack of a bridge over the river. As a result, our children go to India for study," he said.

Another resident Supal Baskey said they would not vote until their leaders made commitment to build a bridge over the river.

"We will cast vote, but our leaders never do anything in return," he said.