Joining hands with ultra-leftist force NC’s biggest mistake: KC

Kathmandu, September 1:

Nepali Congress central working committee meeting today continued discussion on the paper presented earlier by party general secretary Bimalendra Nidhi.

Party leaders Kul Bahadur Gurung, Arjun Nar Singh KC, Ram Krishna Tamrakar and Man Mohan Bhattarai spoke in the meeting.

KC said it was a mistake for the NC to join hands with ultra-leftist party. He also said that the NC needed to elect 80 per cent of central committee members through general convention and truly embrace the principle of socialism and inclusiveness in order to meet the challenge of the day. The meeting will resume tomorrow.

Responding to CWC members’ concern, Nidhi said the NC should play a crucial role to bring the peace process to a logical end, to make sure the past agreements were implemented and the government provided relief to the people. He also said that the party should play the role of leadership in effecting forward-looking changes, ensuring federalism and writing a participatory constitution.

“The NC should go to people of all regions to take their inputs for the new constitution, so that they can feel their ownership in the new constitution,” Nidhi said.

He also said that the party needed to implement the party unification agreement and form all the party units accordingly in order to hold the general convention of the party without any further delay.

Party vice presidents, acting president and president are scheduled to deliberate on Nidhi’s paper tomorrow, according to party sources.