Joint Nepal-India team starts inspecting pillars

Rautahat, January 16

Technicians’ teams from Nepal and India have launched a joint inspection of border pillars along the Nepal-India border from today. The team has started checking the state of pillars to prepare a report.

After some pillars went missing and most of them out of 162 large, medium and small pillars of Dasgaja area were dilapidated, voices were raised to repair those pillars. So, to understand the real situation, technicians’ teams from both countries started monitoring from the eastern side of Rautahat.

As per the programme prepared in the seventh meeting of survey officials’ committee in Deharadun, India, from September 13 to 15 last year, joint teams were deployed for field work from November 20 last year.

Rautahat DAO said the study on border pillars in 26 kilometres of Rautahat bordering India would be completed by tomorrow. Surveyor Dhansingh Aswal at the Department of Survey Deharadun, India, said 75 pillars were dilapidated; some had gone missing while some could be used after repairs.

Rahul Kumar Mishra, Surveyor from Department of Survey, Nepal, said that some pillars had gone missing, majority of them required repairs and both countries had encroached the border in some places.

In Rautahat, 15 Junge pillars, 29 mid-sized pillars and 118 small pillars had gone missing. APF SP Premraj Pokhrel said  personnel of Nepal Police and APF had been deployed for security of the team.