BIRATNAGAR: Nepali Congress president and former prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala said today that it would be disastrous for the country to appoint judges directly by the parliament and provinces.

Koirala, who arrived in his hometown Biratnagar for a respite, told mediapersons this evening that the chief justice and other justices should not be brought from outside the court.

Stating that the CA committee’s decision passed primarily by the majority of the Madhes-based parties and UCPN-Maoist would invite serious consequences for the country, he said the NC would take its stance on the basis of a 'national-level decision'. He, however, did not divulge further.

The Maoist-backed proposal was passed with majority of votes in the CA committee as the Maoists and Madhes based parties outnumber NC and UML lawmakers.

Koirala said Vice-President Paramananda Jha had committed a blunder by not obeying the Supreme Court order. He also revealed that he had asked the VP to take a measured step and that the latter had agreed to take his advice. The octogenarian leader was of the opinion that all the parties would work for the good of the country.

He said consensus, co-working and unity were crucial for national development. Koirala said the Maoists would ultimately come to terms of agreement.