Jumla locals pleased with new local set up

Jumla, March 28

Locals in the district are excited with the establishment of the new federal set-up, which has restructured local bodies that existed for a long period in the country.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development had published details of the 744 units in Nepal Gazette on Friday. The new local structures have come into effect, replacing the erstwhile 217 municipalities and 3,117 village development committees.

Soon after the government decision, these local bodies came into effect across the country. Now, these local bodies are setting up their offices and beginning to adapt to new practices in accordance with fresh jurisdiction and responsibilities.

The District Development Committee has been converted to District Coordination Committee and several VDCs have been merged to form rural municipality and the existing VDCs have been converted into ward offices.

The executive officers in a municipality and seven rural municipalities have assumed their responsibility in Jumla.

Not only the locals, but also officials of different government offices were overwhelmed while adopting the new set-up.

They were mostly surprised after they witnessed the change as they were only told about change in the structure but not details and the list of rights.

Hima, Tila, Tatopani, Kanakasundari, Guthichaur and Patarashi rural municipalities have formally begun working in the new set-up along with new letter pad, stamps and signboard, said Local Development Officer, Hari Narayan Belbase.

“It will definitely be a great self-satisfaction if people, including me, are fully informed of the 22 types of rights to be exercised at the local level under the new federal set-up,” said local resident Man Bahadur Shahi of Tila Rural Municipality.

Rights have been mentioned, but what exactly do they mean? Their is not known at the local level, he said, adding that the new provision for issue recommendation for citizenship card from the ward office is a welcome step and has made many happy.

Another local resident Kasle Rawat takes federalism as a gift for the rights of people as all government bodies will provide services at their doorsteps.

Likewise, Motipura Rawal of Tatopani rural municipality also expressed ignorance about many rights and facilities provided at the  local level under the new federal setup.

“It is a matter of happiness that arrangements have been made for the state to honour women, Dalit, Janajatis and differently-abled people. More than that, it feels as if women’s days of hardship are over,” she said.

“I had not even imagined that the existing system of governance would make a single woman head of the State. However, this happened. We are all happy about it,” she added.