JUMLA: A power station of the Sana Hydro Power Project based in Malikabota VDC-9 of Jumla district has been struck with a landslide, causing severe damages on the equipment and cutting off power supply to the village.

The landslide struck at midnight three days ago and damaged the entire power house, local Sher Bahadur Rawat said.

The power supply to the entire Malikabota VDC has been cut off following the landslip and it has created undue problems for the local residents.

The power blackout has also affected the operation of many domestic industries and other essential undertakings.

A total of 1,800 members of 350 households have been forced to spend time without power. The 25-kilowatt hydro power project was launched in 1989 with an investment of Rs 2.9 million.