Kailali farmers fear low yield in shortage of chemical fertilisers

DHANGADHI: Farmers of Kailali district are worried due to shortage of chemical fertilisers in view of cultivating wheat.

The shortage of fertilisers was created in the district after the stock was clear at the Agriculture Inputs Company Limited and Salt Trading Corporation Limited — the authorised agency to distribute chemical fertilisers of government subsidy.

Locals feared that the wheat yield would go down this year due to shortage of chemical fertilisers. They also expressed their concern over the indifference of the regulatory body while the subsidy fertiliser was being distributed from Agro-vet of local market.

Salt Trading Corporation Dhangadhi Office Assistant General Manager Keshab Prasad Pandey said that the office has the stock of around 300 packs of Urea fertiliser and 15 metric tons of Potassium but the stock of DAP fertiliser is nil.

He further added that 500 Metric tons DAP would possibly be available to the office within a week. It may be a little relief to the farmers during the wheat cultivation time.