Kailali Tharuhat to obstruct govt campaign

DHANGADHI: The Tharuwan/ Tharuhat Joint Struggle Committee said it would obstruct the government from carrying out the month-long campaign on contents of the Constitution in Kailali district.

Earlier, the government had announced the month-long nationwide awareness campaign - “Nepal’s Constitution: Peoples’ Constitution, Peoples’ Constitution among the People” - to clarify the illusions spread about the recently promulgated Constitution.

Spokesperson of the agitating Committee, Madhav Chaudhary, informed that the organisation's cadres would halt the awareness campaign of the government because the new Constitution has not included their demands.

The government has launched the campaign from December 6 till January 5, 2016 in 75 districts, 217 municipalities and 3157 VDCs.

The Tharwan Committee is protesting for last four months with demands of assurance of inclusive participation and autonomous Tharuhat province in the Constitution.

Tharuhat/ Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee, Rana Tharu Joint Struggle Committee and Kathariya Joint Struggle Committee had jointly organised a press conference today to make the announcement.