Kanchanpur elderly home depends solely on benevolent hearts

KANCHANPUR: An elderly home in Kanchanpur is being kept operational with the help of funds by various donors.

The senior citizens at the elderly home in Vedkot Municipality-7 are getting needs of their daily life including foods, clothes and other things served by good samaritans.

“The fund allocated by the government is little and we have no choice other than to appeal for the donation,” the caretaker, Bahadur Bista said.

The annual allocation of Rs 150,000 by the Kanchanpur District Coordination Committee and the Vedkot Municipality for the operation of the elderly home is far from being enough even for the repair and renovation of the necessary infrastructure.

The facility and its occupants are only spared from the trouble of foraging for the foods, clothes and beddings solely due to the donations