Karnali Commission to study Hilsa point

KARNALI: The Karnali Development Commission is to carry out a study about the 'Hilsa point' along the Nepal-China border in Humla.

Hilsa is a gateway to the Mansarovar Lake in China and the study aims to systematize the activities taking place in the area.

The Commission has selected Dr Hari Roka as an expert for the study.

The objective of the study is also to develop Hilsa, a naturally beautiful place, into a tourist destination by conserving local resources and heritages.

Hilsa is a part of Karnali Corridor and the Commission plans to establish a customs office at this point to bring trade activities under the system of law and the study will give feedbacks to the authority concerned to that end.

The study that is estimated to cost Rs 700,000 is expected to be completed within the current fiscal, Commission's information officer Mohan Prasad Neupane said.