Karnali Province to build integrated settlements

Surkhet, January 3

The government in Karnali Province is all set to develop integrated settlements targetting families in remote areas. Mostly, those residing in the far-flung areas who are at high risk of natural disasters such as floods and landslides and lack their own houses and land will be the primary beneficiaries of settlement programme.

The province has recently prepared a procedure to this effect. It includes preparing map of the proposed settlements and technical assistance modality along with the detailed project report.

As per the procedure, the beneficiaries of the integrated settlements will be identified on the strength of evidence and recommendation from the local body concerned. As for selection of the place for developing the settlement, it will be done keeping in view the ease with which basic facilities such as road, drinking water, electricity, heath, education and sewage can be developed.

Similarly, while the local bodies concerned will be providing the required land for the settlements, experts from various fields, such as geologists, environmentalists, sociologists and technicians will be consulted for developing the proposed settlements. Further, the procedure envisions construction of settlements by the private sector with a provision that will prevent owners from selling, transferring and mortgaging the lands they will be provided, for 15 years.