Khanal hits out at Nepali Congress’ ‘rigid nature’

Dhading, August 19:

Status quoism, lack of willingness to work in a group and the rigid nature of the Nepali Congress has led the eight party alliance on the verge of collapse, CPN (UML) leader Jhala Nath Khanal said today.

However, it is illogical for any political party to withdraw from the alliance on that ground, he said, while speaking at a press meet organised by Press Chautari, Dhading.

Khanal is in the district to train party cadres on constituent assembly election. It is the responsibility of all democratic forces in Nepal to give the country a new course by successfully holding the CA polls, Khanal said. He also said that the eight parties are moving ahead to solve the Tarai problem through talks. “We will not be able to bring the monarchy to an end if we keep on entangling on petty issues,” Khanal said, while urging all parties to focus their attention to make the CA polls a success.