Khanal pleads for national consensus

MYANGLUG: Chairman of the CPN (UML) Jhalanath Khanal said that his party was ready to sit for any level of talk to forge consensus with the UCPN (Maoists). Inaugurating the eighth district convention of the party in Myanglung today Khanal said, "our party was in favor of the national consensus in the past, and even now we are committed to it." He added his party was ready to participate in the government led by other parties, and now the CPN (UML) is leading the government as the Maoits failed to garner national consensus. He urged the latter to join the UML led government.

Speaking on the demand of Madesh as a separate Province, he further made it clear that they had not agreed for that while forming the government. He expressed his confidence that the constitution would be drafted within the stipulated time. The new government would work to end the lawlessness in the country, he assured. He asked the UCPN (Maoists) to evaluate the nine- month- long activities. He accused the Maoists of not understanding the peace process.

Meanwhile, the cadres of the UCPN (Maoists) furled black flag to chairman Khanal while he was taking part in the rally. Commenting on the event Khanal said," It is praise-worthy to show only the black flag by those who were involved in anarchic activities before". He expressed his satisfaction that they were practicing to be democratic.