Khanal sees threat to eight-party unity

Kathmandu, June 9:

A CPN-UML standing committee member today warned that the eight-party alliance will not sustain “if it is not managed”.

“Constituent assembly elections will be affected if the alliance is not managed properly,” Jhalanath Khanal said at an interaction organised under the aegis of the Political Science Association, Nepal.

“Is it justifiable to convene the eight-party meeting as per the wishes of one person?” Khanal wondered, hinting at Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.

Efforts must be made to maintain the eight-party unity so that

the constituent assembly polls are conducted on time. “There are challenges which need to be addressed before elections,” he said, adding, “There are some undemocratic provisions in the interim constitution, including the lack of provision to register a no-confidence motion against the PM, that should be amended.” A leader of the Nepali Congress (Democratic) Bimalendra Nidhi said, “The establishment of a federal republic is certain.” Referring to PM Koirala’s comment against the Young Communist League (YCL), he urged Koirala to be cautious while commenting against others.

A Nepali Congress leader, Man Bahadur Biswakarma, said all the eight parties would be held accountable if CA elections were not held in December.

On the issue of announcement of a republic from the parliament, he said the parties not to be in a hurry to declare republic. “Making a decision in haste can be unfortunate,” he said, adding, “The formation of a republic is a gradual process.”

A deputy commander of the CPN (Maoist), Ananta, said, “Foreign interference in Nepal’s internal affairs is unfortunate. Regressive elements and some foreign forces are trying to derail the peace process.”