Kids of brick kiln labourers study under tents in biting cold

TANAHUN: Due to lack of proper school building, children of brick kiln labourers in Jamune VDC of Tanahun district are forced to study under tents in biting cold in Jamune VDC of Tanahun district.

The Integrated Green Development Nepal project under the Children Global Fairness said many children of laboureres studying at their Child Development Centre are in miserable condition.

The project had launched the initiative to free the kiln of child labourers.

The purpose of the project was to provide basic knowledge to children and prepare them to join the school.

As many as 63 children of two kiln workers are studying at the Centre while 27 had already admitted to the schools, according to the project.

This kind of programme is launched in 35 brick kilns of 14 districts.