King directs officials to finalise Lumbini plan

Rupandehi, October 6:

King Gyanendra today issued directives to the nominated chairmen and vice chairmen of six district development committees of the Lumbini zone to complete the Lumbini Development Master Plan (LDMP) at the earliest.

Addressing a collective audience to the chairmen and vice chairmen at the Lumbini zonal administration office, the King said, “Main feature of the Lumbini zone is Lumbini,

the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha and therefore, the Lumbini Development Master Plan has been given a special priority and it should be completed soon. Other projects associated with the Lumbini should also be dealt with priority.”

Service to the people and nation should be the main target and you all should assume duty by understanding the people’s wishes and aspiration, the King said. Meanwhile, the King walked for six hours in Butwal while interacting with the people, today. The King and Queen returned to Pokhara from Butwal at 6:00 in the evening.

The royal couple arrived in Butwal this afternoon as part of the royals’ informal visit to the western development region. The King directly interacted with the civilians gathered to welcome the royal couple. During the audience, most of the people who got a chance to exchange words with the King urged him to restore peace.