King visits Tulsipur, defends February 1 takeover

Dang, August 25:

King Gyanendra visited Tulsipur today and said that the February 1 royal takeover was done for the sake of peace and a stronger democracy. The King gave a joint audience to the zonal administrator, chairmen and vice-chairmen of all five district development committees of Rapti zone and security officials today. The King said, “The February 1 move was taken to reinstate peace and security in the nation,” adding, “The security forces are capable of ending terrorism by reaching even the most remote part of the country.” He instructed all officials present to work for the people as servants, and not as masters. “The country is passing through difficult times, so we need to unite and work in accordance to the people’s choices and needs.”

The King also expressed a desire to develop Dang as an economically self-sufficient district.

Former prime minister Marich Man Shrestha was present to welcome the King at Tulsipur-based RNA Brigade 19. The King then walked a distance of 1.5 km to the Rapti Zonal Administration Office. During his walk to the office, he interacted with the commoners who had fanned the sides of the road to welcome him, and listened to their grievances and wishes.