King’s move applauded, parties draw flak

Kathmandu, September 7:

Members of a section of the civic society, speaking at a programme organised in the capital today, flayed the parties and praised the February 1 takeover. They were joined in by two former Nepali Congress (NC) activists, Yuvraj Khati and Dr Durga Pokhrel. Stating that the democratic governments had made mistakes, Khati said: “The King should not take along those people who are backin him for their vested interests.”

“The King is not following the right track,” he said, adding: The government is trying to cure the people’s sore with date-expired medicine.” Stating that undemocratic elements within the NC were causing harm to the party, he said he had stood against them. “Over 250,000 children die every year due to lack of nutritious food and health services,” Dr Durga Pokhrel, former chairperson, Nepal Women’s Commission, said, adding: “The conflict will go on till the government fails to address the problems of marginalised groups, including women, indigenous people, and Dalits.” “Only inclusive democracy will ensure a bright future for the country.”

Pokhrel added that the seven parties’ move of seeking United Nations’ good offices for resolving the problem facing Nepal will be futile. Stating that foreign diplomats should not violate ethics of diplomacy, a rights activist, Birendra Keshari Pokhrel, said the leaders are to blame for the present situation. Referring to the February 1 takeover, Dr Bijaya Singh Sijapati, a legal expert, said: “The King has not breached any article of the constitution.”

Stating the King should not remain imprisoned like a god in a temple, Bishnu Bhattarai, an advocate, said he should not revive the House of Representatives just because the parties are asking for it.