Kathmandu, February 27:

The government has decided to reduce the number of security personnel for King Gyanendra, government spokesperson and Minister of State for Information and Communications, Dilendra Prasad Badu, said here today.

Badu also said the government would take action against the king for his “unconstitutional and unauthorised” Democracy Day message.

Briefing the media on the decisions the cabinet had taken yesterday, Badu said the government has decided to curtail the king’s security and reduce other facilitiess given to the king. “The government would strictly implement decisions taken by the parliament in the past on reducing the king’s facilities,” Badu said.

Citing lack of laws to act against the king, Badu said the government would take a final decision after a political consensus is reached. “The government will take action against him after the Prime Minister calls an all party meeting,” he said, adding that the Cabinet’s condemnation of the message was itself a kind of action against the king.

He said the government would nationalise the property of the late king Birendra and Queen Aishwarya. If king Gyanendra has come to inherit property as king, the government will nationalise it. However, the property he has accumulated in his personal capacity will not be touched.

Badu said the government would make public the Rayamajhi report at a “suitable time”.

An interim government will be formed immediately after the completion of arms management and monitoring of arms by the United Nations, he added.

Govt decisions

• Action against king a certainty

• His private property will not be touched

• Property that he got from the late king Birendra will be nationalised