Kohalpur man struggling with facial tumour

Nepalgunj, January 9

Netra Lal Oli, 34, of Kohalpur Municipality in Banke has been facing a tough time owing to tumour on his face.

Netra has been compelled to hide the tumour after it spread on the left side of his face.

Netra was born normal. But the tumour spread on the face as he grew older. The tumour that has nearly covered the entire face was first seen when he was one-and-a-half years old.

He said hospitals in India and Nepal could not identify the disease. Eventually, it remained the same even though he took medicines. “I had gone to India for treatment after the doctors of Nepal said treatment was impossible in the country,” he said. He added the treatment expense had drained his wealth and property, but there was no improvement. “I am staying at home due to lack of treatment expenses,” he said.

Netra’s father Bal Bahadur said tiny cysts were seen on Netra’s face during childhood. He said surgery was carried out in a hospital in New Delhi after the cysts increased in size when Netra was five years old. “The growth of lumps has not stopped,” he added.

He said treatment was carried out in every possible way. “I cannot afford to pay for Netra’s treatment due to my poor economic condition,” he added. He said his son could be cured if any organisation helped in his treatment.