Koirala bats for civic elections

Pokhara, January 8

Nepali Congress General Secretary Sashank Koirala today stressed the need to put the demarcation of the provinces on hold and hold civic polls.

Speaking at a programme in Pokhara, NC leader Koirala said that holding election to the local bodies would make it easy to settle issues related to demarcation of provinces. “To implement the new statute, the government has to announce the dates and schedules of the civic polls within a week,” he added.

Koirala argued that parties would fail if they failed to implement the statute approved by 90 per cent of the people’s representatives. “The government has to put the issue of federalism on hold and hold election to local bodies quickly,” he stated.

Koirala held that only his party’s leadership could execute the new statute. “The statute was written and promulgated under the NC’s leadership and the NC has to take charge of the government to give a way out to the country from the current uncertainty,” he added.

Koirala urged the party rank and file to quit factionalism and be united to make the NC the largest political force of the country. “NC cadres should go to villages and lend support to common people to earn their support.”