Korean volunteers arrive

Kathmandu, November 8:

A new group of Korea Overseas Volunteers (KOVs) sent by the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) arrived in Kathmandu today as part of the Korean government’s technical cooperation in Nepal.

A press release issued here today by the KOICA said, “The Korean Overseas Volunteers would share Korea’s experience and expertise on special education, nursing, physical therapy and Korean language to the Nepalese people.”

“The Korean Overseas Volunteers in Nepal have played an important role in enhancing the understanding and friendship between Korea and Nepal by transferring Korea’s development know-how in fields such as nursing, children’s education, rural development, agriculture and computers,” it said.

The statement further said that the new volunteers would be assigned to different organizations after seven weeks of training in Nepal, which would be focused on learning the Nepali language, experience Nepal’s culture and visiting local homes.

According to the statement, the KOIKA has been sending around 10 to 20 volunteers annually to Nepal since 1991 and that the volunteers have been receiving positive feedback from the local people.