Koshi spur leak rings alarm

ITAHARI: The erosion at Spur No 12 on the Saptakoshi River has become rapid since this morning after water leaked from its bottom, heightening the possibility of another outburst.

The Koshi and the Patnali stream on the east have been eroding the spur on two sides. According to Mohan Bhattarai, engineer, Water Induced Disaster Control Division Office Biratnagar, the spur had started sinking in the afternoon. He said the lower part of the spur would be damaged with an increased volume of water in the river. This afternoon, the water flow in Koshi was recorded at 1,89,000 cusec.

Meanwhile, the locals have blamed authorities of reaching the site late and barring the payments of the contractors, who have halted repair works citing non-payment. Er Bhattarai’s team is effortful to control the erosion. He said the contractors had deployed few workers to tame the erosion. “Koshi water has flown into the Patnali from one side of the spur. Erosion in the middle of the spur can repeat last year’s havoc,” he warned.