Ktm-Bhojpur flights resume

BHOJPUR: With the introduction of revised airfare, Kathmandu-Bhojpur flights have now resumed.

The two flights operated by Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) in the route had been stalled since May 22, apparently for repair work. The flights have come back into operation on completion of repair works, according to NAC officials.

The recommencement came into effect after the corporation revised the old tariff. The newly introduced ticket prices have seen an increase of Rs 1350.

The flag carrier has stated that the revised tariff was a result of the recent price hike in petroleum products. The airfare, prior to the new rate, was Rs 3780.

NAC is the only air travel service provider in the airport which operates four flights in a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – from Bhojpur to Kathmandu.

However, the corporation is yet to resume services at Biratnagar, which had been cancelled in the recent past.