Kukur Tihar, Laxmi Puja observed; Bhai Tika tomorrow

KATHMANDU: Kukur Tihar, Laxmi Puja was observed on Sunday by worshipping, garlanding and feeding dogs and cows.

In Kukur Tihar, dogs are worshipped as protectors of the house. A dog is the most loyal friend to human beings, and according to Hindu myth, dogs are regarded as the guards of Yama, the god of death. Similarly, Nepali Hindus worship cows in the morning and Goddess Laxmi in the evening, wishing for prosperity on this day.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is Govardhan Puja and Bhai Tika, the fourth day of Tihar.

Nepali Hindus will celebrate Govardhan Puja by constructing small structure representing a hillock, made of cow dung (representative of Govardhan Parbat) and worship it. The day will also mark Bhai Tika.  On this day sisters put tika on the forehead of their brothers, wishing for their prosperity and long life.

According to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee, 11:55 am is the most auspicious time for Bhai Tika this year.

The day also marks the beginning of Nepal Sambat calendar.

The Nepal Calendar Determination Committee had announced Mha Puja (worship of oneself) to be on October 28, however, Newar Community is observing Mha Puja together with Newari New Year (Nhu Danya Bhintuna) on Tuesday this year.

Similarly, Kija Puja (Newar version of Bhai Tika) will be celebrated on Wednesday.