TRISHULI: The earthquake survivors of Kumari VDC in Nuwakot District, one of the worst-hit districts, have complained of unequal distribution of relief.

The Kumari locals on Sunday staged a sit-in, at the District Administration Office, to protest what they called the ineffective and disproportional distribution of relief in the village.

They alleged that the organisation chosen by Save the Children, which was in the village for rehabilitation and relief distribution, did so in a partial manner instead of in a judicious way.

At least 100 locals from the village picketed the DAO for about an hour and also submitted a memorandum to the Chief District Officer.

Their main contention is that the Community Development Centre that has taken the responsibility of distributing the relief assistance to the quake survivors, on behalf the Save the Children at all the nine Wards of Kumari VDC, has distributed the relief only to some of the families at Ward Numbers 3,4 8 and 9.

However, it is stated that the Centre has submitted a report showcasing that it has distributed relief at all the Wards of the VDC.