Kuriki on Camp IV for second Everest attempt

KATHMANDU: Sole Japanese climber Nobukazu Kuriki, who headed to the final camp of the world highest peak on Tuesday, plans to make a second attempt to climb Mt Everest.

According to Ramesh Gurung, a climbing guide, Kuriki left Camp III in the morning and he would make his second attempt from Camp IV in a day or two.

"Kuriki would make a summit push in the early morning on Wednesday if all goes well on the mountain,” he told THT Online over phone from the base camp.

The 33-year-old had abandoned the first attempt after finding it very tough to move up to the deep snow above the South Col on September 27 as he headed to the top of the world’s highest mountain without support staff and supplemental oxygen.

Kuriki who gave up his fifth attempt after four unsuccessful autumn climbing attempts in the previous years, also lost his nine fingers to frostbite in 2012 before abandoning final summit push.

Kuriki is the only mountaineer who has taken permission to climb the world's highest mountain in this season.