LAHAN: The lack of repair and maintenance of a road section along the East-West Highway in Mirchaiya of Siraha district has posed a serious risk of accidents.

There are many potholes from Matiyarba Chok to Salhesh Chok along the highway, which has made the highway section prone to accidents.

Drivers said that risk of accidents has increased as they have been facing difficulties to drive vehicles due to pathetic condition of the road.

Although the highway has become risky and is in poor shape, the bodies concerned have not paid attention for its repair and maintenance, complained the locals.

The road, damaged by incessant rainfall at Mirchaiya during monsoon season, has not been repaired yet and the potholes have been left unfilled.

Not only vehicles, pedestrians also face problems in their movement due to the big potholes at Matiyarba Chok, Thana Chok, and Bus Park.

A local businessman, Ashok Saha, said that although they have informed officials at the Road Division Office in Lahan time and again to address the problem, they have turned a deaf ear to their request.

However, a contractor, Rambabu Yadav said that they would start repairs and maintenance work within a week.