Lack of techies hits DoTM computerisation

Kathmandu, August 9:

With insufficient manpower to run the newly developed softwares, plans to computerise all office work in the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has hit a roadblock. The problem started after the Ministry of General Administration sent 10 lowly qualified typists for the job of computer operators. “Manpower has been our major obstacle,” said Suvash Dhakal,

the computer engineer handling the project for the DoTM. He said the existing manpower sent by the ministry could not be trained to operate the software. This has resulted in the need to take in other qualified personnel. Another computer officer Harish Bhatta said the employees are compelled to return to their traditional paper work after a few months of tryst with the advanced technology as the term of two operators who were hired has expired.

“Technically we are ready, but we lack manpower,” he said, adding that the employees have already been given a two-month basic training on computers. Computer officer Dhakal said over 80 per cent of data entry of both vehicle registration records and licence records has been completed throughout the country, but they all need to be verified. He added that with the new system, the licence renewal could be completed within half the previous time. Director of DoTM, Sharad Adhikary, said the department has been demanding sufficient manpower through the transport ministry.