Lack of ward secys hits service delivery

Okhaldhunga, November 16

Regular work and service delivery have been affected in all ward offices of the local levels in Okhaldhunga due to lack of ward secretaries.

Of the 75 wards in eight local levels of the district, secretaries have been providing services in 30 wards. There is no secretary in nine wards of Likhu Rural Municipality. Chairman Govinda Bahadur Poudel at the rural municipality said that the central level had paid no attention despite their requests to manage secretary in the wards. He added that responsibility of ward secretaries was given to assistant staffers by formulating a work procedure.

Similarly, only two secretaries have been providing services in eight wards of Khijidemba Rural Municipality. According to chair of the rural municipality Bed Bahadur Rokaya, official and administrative work had adversely been affected due to absence of secretaries.

Of the 10 wards in Champadevi Rural Municipality, only three wards have secretaries, while only two wards have secretaries in nine wards of Manebhanjyang Rural Municipality.

Likewise, as many as three secretaries have been working in three wards of 10 wards in Sunkoshi Rural Municipality chair Rudra Prasad Adhikari said some contract staffers, along with the ward chair, had been carrying out regular work at the rural municipality. There are no secretaries in four of the 12 wards in Siddhicharan Municipality. Similarly, only four of the eight wards in Molung Rural Municipality have secretaries.