Lack of roads isolate Musahar village

Rajbiraj, May 21

Scores of Musahar families in Saptari, Kochabakhari are living a difficult life for want of access to roads.

Some thirty families of Musahar community have been living on a swathe of unregistered land in Kochabakhari-7 in shacks for a long time, but since the village is hedged by registered farmlands from all sides, movements to and from the village has been a hassle.

“During the winter when most of the fields are uncultivated, we don’t have much trouble but in the monsoons when all the fields are cultivated, we don’t have any way to move in and out of our village,” lamented Kadamlal Sada, a local.

He further condemned political leaders for never making good of any of their promises.

“Before every election, politicians say they will help us in various ways if voted to power but once they are elected, they forget everything they promised, and don’t even come to ask us our problems,” Sada rued.

Haridevi Sada, on her part, blames their poverty to this problem.

She said, “We want to raise cattle, and increase our agricultural production, but not having any road link makes it next to impossible.”