Lamjung Community Hospital struggling to cope with influx of patients

LAMJUNG: With a change in season, the number of patients visiting the Lamjung District Community Hospital has risen unexpectedly of late.

According to hospital sources, patients with fever, diarrhea, common cold, stomach ache and asthma is on the rise.

At least 400 patients have been visiting the hospital for treatment of seasonal disease on a daily basis, Medical Officer Prakash Sahu said.

Hospital's administrator Yubaraj Devkota said more than 7000 patients were treated within a month.

Health professional at the hospital said, the rise in the number of patients is attributed to unhygienic and sudden change in weather pattern.

Especially children and elderly people are most affected in the district, doctors said.

Medical Officer Sahu urged the parents to maintain cleanliness and take care of their children feeding during the season.