Lamjung honey hunters bid to attract tourists: In pictures

LAMJUNG: With much fervor, locals of Marshyangdi rural municipality in the district on Friday organised a honey hunting ceremony at Chopli cliff nearby their settlements.

Elated stakeholders went to the cliff early morning and paid reverence to the gods before letting the hunters embark on a Himalayan-honey-hunt that calls for true grit, dare and super human capabilities, all in abundance.

Upon climbing the cliff, the hunters laid down their ropes that set through hanging trees like stairs growing in a treacherous slope of the cliff and let everyone present know that they were ready to hunt.

Moreover, the honey gathered from the swarms in cliff corners has become a source of revenue for the locals. Despite the absence of youth in the village, elders have held on to the art of hunting and put their lives at risk for the love of the sport.

The giant Himalayan bees and their swarms can be found in abundance in areas such as Siurung, Pasgaun, Ghanpokhara, Khudi, Tanghring, Bhulbhule, Bhujung, Naiche and Dudh Pokhari among others. The native Himalayan bees build hives at cliffs at an altitude of 1500 to 2500 metres from the sea level.