Lamjung landslide displaces 12 families

LAMJUNG: All residents of Majhkot village in Lamjung district have been displaced due to a landslide after the continuous rainfall on Friday.

"As many as 12 houses, which were at a high risk due to the landslide, have been displaced," said Mohan Bahadur GC, Chief District Officer.

"We are still looking for safe place to relocate the displaced people," he added.

The families of locals Purna Bahadur Gurung, Buddha Man Gurung, Laxman Gurung, Tej Bahadur Gurung, Dam Bahadur Gurung, Shankar Bahadur Gurung, Thir Bahadur Gurung, Chet Bahadur Gurung, Kosh Lal Gurung, Som Bahadur Gurung, Ram Chandra Gurung and Janga Bahadur Gurung were forced to leave the houses after the landslide hit the settlement.

As many as 70 people and 300 livestock were rendered homeless after the landslide.

Earlier, a team led by the Assistant Chief District Officer Krishna Prasad Paudel had visited the village on Thursday. The team had recommended that the settlement be immediately relocated.

According to Paudel, landslide was likely anytime in the village as the land was weakened by the 2015 earthquake.