Language Commission Chair Awasthi stresses Nepali, mother tongue development

Pokhara, June 7

Chairman of the Language Commission Lavadev Awasthi today underscored the need to strengthen the Nepali language along with other mother tongues of the country.

Speaking at an interaction on the duties, responsibilities and rights of the commission so far as boosting  the languages of the country is concerned, in Pokhara today, Awasthi said that other mother tongues also needed to be uplifted to ensure the prosperity of the Nepali language.

He expressed concern about the fact that several languages were dying out due to lack of necessary conservation.

“Teaching aids and written texts have to be developed for development of language,” said Awasthi. He said that the commission was holding extensive interaction across the nation to incorporate languages of all provinces.

Linguist Yogendra Yadav said that the situation of language needed to be reassessed. According to him, as many as 123 languages were identified in the last census of Nepal.

Education Journalists Group Nepal Adviser Prakriti Adhikari highlighted the importance of the commission’s role in promoting languages at a time when many mother tongues were in crisis.

Regional Education Director Bishnu Prasad Adhikari said that regional and provincial level discussions would be milestones in bolstering the languages.

Meanwhile, Language Commission’s information Officer Ganesh Bahadur Singh said that the commission was forming teams of experts for the conservation and development of languages.