Lawmakers seek mandatory transfer of teachers

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers have demanded a provision of mandatory transfer of teachers in duration of two to five years in a new education policy in order to promote quality education.

In the meeting of Education Sub Committee under the Legislature-Parliament's Women, Children, Senior Citizens and Social Welfare Committee, lawmakers Umesh Shrestha, Shreemaya Thakali, Jayanti Rai and Banshidhar Mishra were of the view that a teacher completing two to five years in a certain place should be transferred.

Besides, the practice of appointing teachers on temporary assignment has hampered efforts for increasing quality of education, they said.

The lawmakers were commenting on a bill to amend the Education Act-2028 BS.

Committee President Ranjhu Jha stressed that a new education policy should make the provision of teachers' transfer in duration of two to five years mandatory.