Lawyer vows to fight ex-Gurkhas’ battle

Pokhara, May 31:

Martin Howe, the British lawyer who will plead the case of former British Gurkha soldiers against the British government, said here today that though these soldiers had served Britain faithfully, they were being discriminated against.

Speaking during a programme of western zone chapter of British Ex-Gurkhas’ Association, Howe said he and his group of seven associates would fight the British ex-Gurkhas’ legal battle to the finish.

He said only those soldiers retiring after 1997 were allowed residence facility in Britain. Howe said that the number of ex-Gurkhas, who were denied visas to Britain, was more than 2,000.

Some 15 of these soldiers are fighting a legal case in British courts. The hearing in their case will start on July 21 and continue for four days, said Howe.