Lax screening invites criminals

KATHMANDU: Due to laxity in immigration screening process at entry points to Nepal, several cases of people with checkered past entering Nepal have come to light.

One such person is French national Jeans Jacques Haye, a paedophile

accused of targeting children under the age of 15, who was able to enter Nepal with ease.

A case had been filed in the Paris High Court against him where he was under probation. He had fled France after he got information about the European Warrant of Arrest being filed against him. He entered Nepal after the immigration department approval.

SP Dhiru Basnet said entry of such criminals was due to the laxity in the immigration screening process. “We

must be extra careful to prevent Nepal from being a safe haven for criminals,” he said. He also emphasised the necessity of proper legal provisions to deal

with such issues.

Kathmandu District Court had slapped a fine of Rs 10,000 on Haye for violating immigration rules. In addition, he was told to cough up Rs 7.06 lakhs for failing to renew his visa and was arrested as he could not pay the amount. The police had arrested him from Benu Rai’s house in Ward No 9 of Jorpati in April.

Though Nepal has a deportation law, it lacks bilateral agreements with other countries for proper legal actions.