Leaders forgot us, says martyr’s family in Madhes

Biratnagar, November 26

A martyr’s family of the Madhes Movement complained that leaders had forgotten the sacrifice of their family members. They blamed the selfishness of Madhes-centric party leaders in Morang.

The family of martyr Nirmal Rajbanshi of Katahari Rural Municipality-2, who was killed on 7 February 2007, said leaders of the Madhes-centric forces had ignored the contribution of martyrs. Nirmal’s father Raj Kumar Rajbanshi said the leaders had used the martyrs as stepping stones to reach their political destination. “The martyrs pushed the leaders to the chairs and positions, and the leaders in turn forgot their sacrifice. Though the leaders had assured the martyrs’ family of their candidacy under the proportional representation system of the Constituent Assembly election at the time of the movement, they forgot their promises. They have not returned to our house yet,” said Raj Kumar.

A monument has been built in Nirmal’s memory at Katahari Chowk of Morang. Nirmal, 19, was a school student then. “They have done nothing except build the monument,” said Raj Kumar. He wandered here and there seeking scholarship for his three children as member of a martyr’s family, but in vain.

A peasant, Raj Kumar said though he had financed his children’s education, they have failed to get job opportunity so far. His son Bimal is a CMA, younger daughter Kabita a JTA while his elder daughter Pabitra is pursuing graduate studies.

The government, it is said, facilitates martyrs’ families with job opportunity. However, political leaders turned their deaf ears when he urged for the same, said Raj Kumar. He said the Madhes Movement had been overshadowed by the ambition of political leaders, though over a decade has passed. “Leaders of the movement have been changing their political forces and merging with others just to meet their vested interests. Who cares about the dreams of martyrs?’ wondered Raj Kumar.

Meanwhile, Mritunjaya Jha and Bhim Raj Rajbanshi, who led the Madhes Movement as district leaders of Madhes-centric forces, have lately entered the CPN-UML. But they still claim that the time for fulfilling martyrs’ dreams is very close. They claim that the government to be formed after the elections will bring a special package for families of martyrs.